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I work in a flexible way. Usually, I start with one or more meetings with the parents of children. Young people can be seen without the parents. This is to find out about the main worries and concerns. After this I can offer to see the child (on their own) or young person a few more times. These sessions are called assessment sessions. The purpose of this is to find out more and think about the child or young person’s difficulties, identify goals and think about what kind of therapeutic approach may be helpful. Sometimes this is enough. Other times more therapy may be desirable and helpful. We can think together about this and discuss the options for therapy that can be tailored according to the need of a child, young person and the family.

Possible options could be a fixed number of sessions that can be agreed in advance. Sometimes the treatment could be open ended and long term . The options can be tailored according to the individual needs.

One possibility is to have just The State Of Mind Assessment that consists of five sessions and can be used to understand unexplained worries and preoccupations that interfere with the child or young person’s learning and development, and social relations. The set up of this can be discussed at the time and arranged according to the age and needs of the child or young person.

Some families, particularly with younger children may be interested in The Family Package . This is usually six sessions. In this package I meet the parents twice - at the beginning and the end - and use other four sessions to undertake therapeutic work with the child. This approach is helpful for families who struggle with particular issues such as sleep or separation difficulties, or other temporary disturbances.

Supervision and consultation arrangements can be discussed during the initial contact via phone or email.


Information about the fees is available upon request.

The fees for the packages are payable in full in advance.

The arrangements for the payment for the individual sessions can be discussed and tailored according to individual circumstances.

Sessions will be charged for unless a minimum of a week’s notice of cancellation is given. Rescheduling requests in advance will be accommodated.

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