Sophie Latham Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist
St Albans & Islington

How Psychotherapy Helps?

Building a relationship with the therapist helps the child or young person to start expressing their worrying thoughts and feelings. This may happen via play or words. The psychotherapist helps the child or young person to understand and process some of the feelings and thoughts that feel overwhelming and too complicated. This reduces the need to act these feelings out by behaviour and it improves relationships with others. It also frees up space in the child or young person’s mind and thus facilitates better learning and achievement in an education setting.

What Happens in a Typical Session?

My therapeutic approach is based on the belief that tailoring the treatment according to the individual needs is the most effective way to support children and young people.

Younger children do not often speak about their difficulties. They usually communicate through play or arts and crafts materials. Adolescents may be able to talk about how they feel and what worries them. Very young children and babies are often seen together with their parents. A child psychotherapist is trained to observe behaviour and interaction, to understand what is communicated and offer some helpful insight into the emotional state of the child or young person.

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